Pocket studies

My pocket drawings are little drawings I do when I am waiting in a doctor’ office, on an airplane or am doodling while looking at magazines or catalogs. I always have sketching materials with me, so I will often just start drawing the shoes or suitcase in a catalog or magazine. The initial sketch is always in pencil, so I can clean it up and ink it in later. I have done 1000s of these over the years, and have recycled them time and time again, for cards, invitations, xmas ornaments, games, surface designs, paper products, you name it. I have never been good at drawing faces, but I somehow am able to capture and anthropomorphize objects in a way that has meaning to me. My collection of pocket studies never fails to make me happy. Drawing them, inking them in, using them and looking at them later, always gives me a sense of contentment.


Sketching has always been relaxing for me, but in my mind, is a more deliberate and arduous process than my little drawings (pocket studies). That said, I do enjoy sitting down and sketching something on purpose with the goal of capturing all of its nuances and characteristics. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. It is often what we are drawn to early on, because it can be so spontaneous. And although it is always nicer to have good materials to use, it is not necessary for getting a good look at something through sketching it. I often map things out visually before executing them. This is true for everything in my life, not just art projects. As a visual person, the process of planning anything through a sketch somehow allows the mind to see what the reality could be, and it is very gratifying to have a peek in that way.