I have never really been a painter although I have painted on and off for most of my life. I often start with painting something, but I always have to add extra layers of other things. So many of my paintings end up as mixed media pieces. I think painting is one of the big fields of art that I have barely explored, and I see that journey in the near future. I have tended to stick to watercolors and acrylics in my painting efforts up to now, because of the toxic and flammable solvents that are involved in other forms of paintings such as oil painting, or serious spray painting. I am actually excited about trying my hand at painting and trying to use just paint at some point. It will be a bit of an unnatural push for me at first, I know, but will be worth it I am sure.


Texture Series


Color Studies


Watercolor Florals


Light and Dark


Acrylic Pouring


Printed Paint


Postcard Series

I spent 8 hours straight creating these little whimsies for a project one Saturday. It was super fun and gratifying to complete all 32 of them, as that was my goal for the day. I then realized I could not use them for their intended purpose. So now they sit and wait for their future lives.


Overlay Series


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